Board Members

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Updated Monday January 28, 2019 by South Lakeland Baseball.

Executive Committe

President:  Curtis Wright

Vice President: Scott Newell

Treasurer: Dan Esterline

Player Agent:  Bobby Kirkpatrick

Secretary: Caitlin Langley


Smart Start:  Adam Hart

Coach Pitch: Neil Melby

Rookie:  Dale Mullen

Cal Ripken(9-12 open bases):  Marc Buffington

Billy Ripken(9-10 closed bases): Scott Newell 

Senior/Prep: Chad Plemons

Marketing and Sponsorhip Chair:  Chad Plemons

Field Maintenance Directors:  Dustin Plemons/Scott Newell

Team Parent Coordinator:  Jennifer Wright

Concessions Manager: Heather Whiteside/Caitlin Langley

Equipment Manager:  Stephen Young

Registration: Monica Villanueva

Website Cooridnator: 

Saftey and Background Coordinator: Jeff Haag

Opening Day Facilitator: Monica Villanueva

Your SLBRL Board of Directors is always looking for new members. Come on out and get involved in the league. It's also a great way to interact with other involved parents, coaches, and volunteers who have the single objective to provide the best experieince possible for the children of this league.  You can be as active as you would like - apply for a director's position or simply be a voice for the parents. Remember, YOU are our future. Without dedicated parents, we would not have a league!